Weis Bar Smoothie Bowl

This coco mango smoothie bowl tastes just like a Weis Bar! And with just 4 ingredients, it couldn’t be easier to whip up!

To create the white half of the bowl, add the Frozen Coconut sachets, coconut yoghurt and honey/maple syrup a blender and blend on high until it’s smooth and creamy. If you’re struggling to blend it, simply add in a bit more yoghurt and blend again. Spoon half the mixture into a bowl, using a sheet of baking paper to create the divide.

Then, add the mango into the blender with the remaining coconut mix and blend until smooth. Spoon it into the other half of the bowl and top with fresh mango and flaked coconut! Simple, quick, and delicious.

This bowl is loaded with Potassium, MCTs and dietary fibre thanks to our Coconut Superfood Packs. They’re made from the flesh of 100% certified organic and sustainably harvested young coconuts. The coconut yoghurt provides a good source of healthy fats, and the mango is rich in Vitamin C, A and Folate. If you give this recipe a go, remember to tag us (@amazoniaco) on Instagram – we love seeing your creations!

Mango Weis Smoothie Bowl