Dwayne Martens

We as humans have evolved within mother nature over billions of years. Through this evolution, our bodies have become innately in tune with organic vitamins, minerals, biotics and wholefoods. And just as Mother Nature intended, these organic elements have formed the basis of optimal health and healing. 

Through human advancement, we have discovered, concentrated, fermented and enriched these elements to help us thrive. However, through our ignorance, we have seen the dawn of synthetic vitamins, fake food, environmental toxins, drugs, GMOs, and other human inventions that have unnaturally and artificially deregulated our billion-year-old bodily system. At Amazonia, we have seen where we've lost our way and our renewed purpose is to create all-natural products our bodies can harness and thrive on.

We understand that true human advancement in the field of health draws on the principle that we have evolved within nature’s environment and that nature’s elements underpin all bodily functions.

We want to share our way of living with the world – because a thriving human results in a thriving ecosystem. Providing a sustainable, plant-based, organic, non-synthetic wholefood choice is the cornerstone of Amazonia's mission.

Your knowledge and passion for health makes all of this possible. Thank you for helping us grow as an ethical business and allowing us to drive positive change within the food and supplement sectors.



Dwayne Martens
Founder, MD