Vegan ‘Tuna’ and Avocado Sushi

Remember the viral TikTok tortilla wrap hack? You take a tortilla, make a cut from the middle of the tortilla down to one edge, fill each quadrant with your fillings of choice, then fold it all up into a neat triangle that can be eaten as is or grilled.

All your fillings stay inside the wrap and it’s super easy to eat! You can check out Healthy Luxe’s yummy BBQ Jackfruit Wraps here. In this recipe, she has put a delicious Japanese twist on it with these Vegan ‘Tuna’ and Avo Sushi wraps! You could also make these into classic sushi rolls, but we think this method is way more fun. This recipe is perfect for vegans, vegetarians and those trying to reduce their meat intake.

To get a ‘tuna’ flavour, Healthy Luxe has cooked our Tender Jack Original in tamari, dill and capers and then mixed through some vegan tartare sauce. Our Original flavour is perfect for this recipe because it soaks up any flavour you put with it! And with its tender, flaky texture, it’s a great plant-based substitute for tuna. Not to mention it’s also certified organic, a great source of dietary fibre and contains zero artificial ingredients. Healthy Luxe has filled her sushi with freshly sliced avocado, pickled ginger and sticky sushi rice. Other great add-ons could include sliced cucumber, carrot or even tofu.

Once you have all your ingredients ready to go, lay them out in each of the four quadrants on your nori sheet. Wet the edges of the sheet to help it stick together, then make a cut from the bottom of the sheet to the centre point and fold it up! You can then dip it in your favourite sushi condiments – whether it’s soy sauce, teriyaki wasabi or even sriracha mayo.

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