Mango Passionfruit Nice Cream

Created by Healthy Luxe, this Mango Passionfruit nice cream is the ultimate way to start a hot summers day. The best part? It has the texture and flavour of mango sorbet without any of the added sugar. By adding a teaspoon of our Raw Wholefood Extracts Vitamin C+, you're getting 1000% RDI wholefood Vitamin C per serve. With a delicious passionfruit flavour, our non-synthetic blend is made from certified organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Juice, Baobab, Camu Camu, Orange, Grape Juice, Acerola, Green Kiwi Fruit and Kakadu Plum.

Known for its immune-boosting benefits, Vitamin C also plays an essential role in Iron absorption and the production of collagen – the holy grail for healthy hair, skin and nails. Complete with a prebiotic immune blend for optimal digestion, Raw Wholefood Extracts Vitamin C+ is the ultimate daily supplement for a glowing complexion and healthy immune function.

Add it to a high-power blender with mango, banana, Amazonia Frozen Coconut, pineapple and coconut water and voila – healthy mango sorbet! If you give this recipe a go, remember to tag us (@amazoniaco) on Instagram – we love seeing your creations!

mango passionfruit nice cream