Jackfruit Betel Leaves

Created in collaboration with Healthy Luxe, these Jackfruit Betel Leaves with satay peanut sauce are ideal for a light healthy and flavourful appetiser. 

With a delicate flavour profile, betel leaves are commonly used in Thai and Malaysian cuisine. Sold as fresh, glossy heart-shaped leaves, they are a good source of protein, potassium, nitrogen and minerals.

We've filled ours with Tender Jack Original cooked with fragrant shallots, chilli, ginger and peanut butter. High in fibre, Vitamin A & C and manganese, jackfruit is an ideal meat-substitute due to its pulled pork-like texture and mild flavour. 

For a nut-free alternative, you can swap peanut butter for hulled tahini and garnish with sesame seeds in place of peanuts.

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Jackfruit Betel Leaves