Golden Mango Smoothie Bowl

This delicious Golden Mango Smoothie Bowl will brighten your morning in no time!

Our Golden Latte blends vibrant Turmeric – known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – with Ayurvedic spices including Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger.

As well as being super tasty, Cinnamon has great anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to balance blood sugar levels. And versatile ginger boasts a variety of health benefits, from treating nausea to reducing muscle pain. Paired with creamy frozen Coconut, banana and mango, and you’ve got a healing bowl of golden goodness.

Although around 89% of the fat in coconut meat is saturated, most of these fats are medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are absorbed intact in your small intestine and used by your body to produce energy. Coconuts are high in fibre, copper, iron, selenium and especially high in manganese, which is essential for bone health and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and cholesterol.

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