Peach Collagen Bites

These Peach Collagen Bites are as healthy as they are tasty. 

Apart from being downright delicious, peaches are bursting with an abundance of health benefits including their ability to support good digestive health and protect your eyesight by reducing the risk of macular degeneration. These fuzzy little fruits are also rich in beta carotene which help to protect your skin from sun damage, warm the skin tone and boost your natural glow. 

If you like what you hear then definitely don’t skip on Amazonia's RawFIT Collagen Build – a peach-flavoured formula that acts as a building block for healthy skin, bones, joints and connective tissues. Each serve is packed with 5000mg of Marine Collagen and 250mg of plant-based Chondroitin, which helps prevent cartilage breakdown and stimulates its repair mechanisms. 

Fortified with 100% RDI Vitamin C for collagen synthesis and 25% RDI Vitamin D3 to increase calcium uptake, this non-synthetic formula strengthens bones and bones and muscles for optimal results. Imagine these Peach Collagen Bites in your hot little hands, wonderfully fruity and with all those extra benefits to keep you moving and grooving all day long.

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Collagen Peach Bites