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How to make the perfect homemade Acai bowl
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How to make the perfect homemade Acai bowl

How to make the perfect homemade Acai bowl.

Acai bowls topped with endless amount of fruit, granola and edible flowers are popping up even more all over instagram. Possibly one of the biggest food trends, with good reason. Not only do they look beautiful - they taste amazing and come with a bowl full of health benefits. Acai is packed full of antioxidants, healthy omegas and are the perfect for the hot summer weather.

Just in case you’ve been off the grid, Acai bowls are blended frozen acai pulp with fruits such as bananas and berries. Generally topped with fruit, granola and other delicious toppings Acai bowls make the perfect breakfast, snack, dessert and can be enjoyed any time during the day!

Enjoying Acai bowls in the sun at a beautiful cafe with friends is definitely one of the best things about summer. However, sometimes you might just want to enjoy a bowl without leaving the house at all or you just have to have an Acai bowl for dinner (we’ve also been there). The great thing about homemade Acai bowls is that you can make and top them however you like!

Here are some tricks to make sure you can make the perfect homemade Acai bowls when those cravings hit.


Having a good quality, heavy duty blender is key to good texture Acai bowls. Ideally a blender that includes a tamper stick will work best and make your life a whole lot easier. Smaller, single serve blenders will do the job too - however you may need to add a little more liquid in as you go. Food processors are also ideal to make thick, frozen bowls.

Minimal Liquid.

If you have a heavy duty blender or food processor, you can even leave the liquid out all together. We like our bowls without any liquid, similar to the texture of ice cream or sorbet! At the end of the day it also comes down to how thick or smooth you like to enjoy your bowls. If you prefer more of a smoothie texture, include less frozen fruit or add more liquid.


Another key to a thick, velvety bowl is the fruit you use to blend. Using frozen bananas, berries or mango will add to the creaminess and texture of the bowl! We use 1 - 2 full frozen bananas to 2 Amazonia Acai sachets. If you’re feeling adventures, adding frozen cauliflower or zucchini also adds to the perfect creamy texture (we promise you can’t taste it!). If you are using liquids plant based milks such as almond, coconut or soy milk are perfect to add to a delicious bowl, all while sneaking a little extra nutrients in.

High Quality Acai.

Not all Acai is created equal.

Making sure your Acai is certified organic,


Toppings are our favourite part of our Acai bowl. The easiest way to change up the flavour and keep things interesting. Having a selection of fruits is a must for us, think blueberries, banana, strawberries and kiwi fruits not only does this provide your body with a variety of vitamins and minerals it makes a very pretty bowl. Sitting down to a gorgeous smoothie bowl is way more satisfying, you know what they say - you eat with your eyes first! Of course, it will taste delicious either way. Granola is another must, there is something about a layer of crunchy granola that makes the bowl. Want to take your bowl to the next level? Some of our other favourites include nut butters (especially peanut butter), cacao nibs, coconut flakes, nuts and seeds. It may sound like a lot of small details, but when you dig into your thick Acai bowl, piled with all your favourite things you’ll see why each step is all worth it. Making your bowls at home is you can make it exactly how you like it, to enjoy whenever you feel like one.

That’s all of our tips and tricks for the perfect homemade Acai bowl. You can now find us at your local @woolworthsau in the freezer section and make your very own bowls.

Make sure to tag us @amazoniaco #amazoniaco in your creations so we can see your masterpieces!

Happy bowling!

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