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Hand harvested by thousands of local families in the rich swamplands of the Amazon, wild Açaí agroforestry is a lifeline that creates economic and environmental benefit. The northern state of Pará alone contains over 6.1 million acres of vast, wild growing Açaí trees. We can literally feed the world, provide incomes for thousands of Brazilians and keep massive areas of the Amazonian rainforest standing through this sustainable business model.


Tree-orientated agroforestry is a means to keep vast amounts of coconut trees standing, along with the surrounding ecosystem. We source from the ‘land of coconuts’, where a ‘coconut religion’ even resides. The ‘tree of life’ provides everything from building materials to food to hydration.


Amazonia founder Dwayne Martens worked with locals in Vietnam to cultivate a semi-arid plot of land into a certified organic Pitaya plantation. In other regions, Pitaya farming has led to deforestation. However, Amazonia is once again pioneering new industry for a sustainable future.

Purple Rice

Gathered from the heartland of Thailand, our partners are some of the longest-standing traditional farmers in the land. Again focussed on organic agriculture, these Buddhist people hold the utmost respect for the land and practise sustainable cultivation methods.

  • Certified organic means growing conditions are vastly improved. A sustainable future is an organic future.

  • By doing this we can understand the growing conditions of our sources and if produce has been compromised.

  • No lab-derived synthetic vitamins in our supplements or synthetic sprays on our foods.

Providing nature’s nutrients the way nature
intended for generations to come.