Founded in Australia, Amazonia is a global health company leading innovation with certified organic, wholefood supplements and plant-based food products.

Prior to launching Amazonia's first product Açaí in 2008, like many of us, Dwayne was ready to succumb to ‘low energy being a normal state of being’. Through his health journey, he discovered freeze-dried Acai and began sharing this mini health revolution with the people around him.

From a small flea market store to now, Amazonia has gone on to develop more than 70 products since its conception and proudly provides Frozen Superfoods, Raw Proteins and Supplements, RawFIT and Tender Jack under its umbrella of holistic wellness.

With a pure focus on certified organic, sustainable wholefoods and supplements – with no synthetics, GMOs, dairy or artificial ingredients – Amazonia is part of the global plant-based food revolution helping the world #ShineBright.

We as humans have evolved within mother nature over billions of years. Our bodies are innately in tune with vitamins, minerals and nutrients of an organic, wholefood nature. These elements are the only basis of optimal health and healing.

Remember: what is good for you is good for the planet too. Amazonia has preserved tens of thousands of acres of rainforest to produce only nature’s authentic products while supporting sustainable economies through its hand-harvested, agroforestry and authenticated supply chain approach.

Our shared values make this all possible.

Thank you and #ShineBright.