Preksha Shah
Research & Development Manager

Preksha is an experienced Research and Development professional, holding a Master of Food Science and Technology. She has over 10 years of experience working with private and cooperative sectors of food, dairy, bakery, and beverages on a wide range of innovation projects ranging from low- to high-risk products. She is friendly and accommodating with a "can-do" attitude. She’s interested in developing value-added products from food waste and discovering the nutrition science behind "food as a medicine". Developing healthy and nutritious products with native superfoods is her true passion.


Dannii Cecchin
Senior Food Technologist

Dannii has a Bachelor of Science (Consumer Science), Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics (Research Major), and a Diploma of Food Science & Technology (Dairy Science). Dannii loves all things food! She has worked as a Food Technologist since 2010 and loves creating new products and being challenged. She has a background in dairy, nutrition, and allergy-free products.


Nishith Javal
Food Technologist

Nishith is a food science professional who brings a wealth of experience to the Amazonia team with a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) and a Master of Food Science and Technology behind him. He has worked in the food and pharmaceutical sector for almost 4 years, in various roles ranging from quality assurance to product development. He uses his interdisciplinary knowledge of Food Science, Microbiology and Human physiology to develop and improve products and attain top¬–notch food safety and quality. Outside of work, he enjoys reading (particularly about history and science), cooking and trying new foods.