Waffles with Acai Sorbet

These waffles are the perfect indulgent Sunday breakfast or dessert. You can always choose the store-bought variety, but we think there’s truly nothing better than the smell of fresh, sweet waffles filling up the house.

And as far as toppings go, they don’t get much better than our new Acai Sorbet, now available in the freezer aisle of your local Woolworths. It’s a great addition to any dessert or can be scooped and served straight from the tub as a refreshing treat. We use only the highest quality açaí berries, sustainably hand-harvested from wild-growing trees in the Amazon rainforest. Rich in skin-loving antioxidants, açaí has a delicious, earthy taste with hints of rich berries and dark chocolate.

To make the waffles, simply combine the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another. Add the wet mix to the dry mix and stir to combine. When your waffle iron is nice and hot, use about ¼ of the mixture for each waffle. Cook for 4-5 minutes each, then serve while hot with a generous scoop of Acai Sorbet, a handful of fresh berries and a drizzle of maple syrup. If you give this recipe a go, remember to tag us (@amazoniaco) on Instagram – we love seeing your creations!