Jackfruit, Spinach & Ricotta Gozlemes

In our opinion, Turkish food is seriously overlooked. And you haven’t tried Turkish food if you haven’t tried the traditional stuffed turnover they call a gözleme. The fillings are endless (spiced beef or lamb is popular), but the classic spinach and ricotta is a crowd favourite. It’s no wonder the gözleme stall at the weekend markets often has the longest line.

In this recipe, Hannah from Healthy Luxe has filled her gözleme with a delicious mix of spinach, ricotta (this can be substituted for vegan feta if needed) and Amazonia’s Original Tender Jack. With its tender, pulled meat texture and subtle taste, our original flavour is impressively versatile as it lends itself to all the flavours in your favourite savoury dishes. Made from young jackfruit hand-harvested in Sri Lanka this tender, it’s Australian Certified Organic, packed with dietary fibre and contains zero artificial ingredients.

And rather than making her own dough, Hannah has used pre-made frozen shortcrust pastry, which goes deliciously light and crispy in the oven. If you have flatbread at your local supermarket (like what you’d use as naan for curries, Greek Gyros or shawarma), you could also use this.

Oven baked until golden and crispy, then cut into grabbable-size pieces, they’re delicious served hot with a squeeze of fresh lemon. If you give this recipe a go, remember to tag us (@amazoniaco) on Instagram – we love seeing your creations!

Spinach, Ricotta & Jackfruit Gozleme