Classic Golden Latte

Wake up each morning feeling as golden as the sun with this Classic Golden Latte inspired by the Ayurvedic ‘Golden Milk’ tradition. Rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidant properties, this lovely and warming spiced drink will have you saying “maybe this is as good as it gets!”. 

Simple and quick to create you will have enough time to whip up this beverage just before you run out the door and kick start your day. Simply blend coconut milk and your choice of sweetener with a serving of Golden Latte, which contains a combination of the Ayurvedic spices Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger. 

With 95mg of Curcumin per serving Amazonia Golden Latte may help reduce inflammation, increase antioxidant capacity and improve brain function. This Classic Golden Latte is a tradition you’ll want to get used to, providing that touch of gold to shine on you in the morning even when the sunshine isn’t. 

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Golden Latte