Brownie Butter

Just like your favourite brownies, only spreadable! Layer it on toast, eat it straight from the jar, dip apple slices in it, or have it with peanut butter for a snack on-the-go. It’s made using only 5 ingredients and it’s packed full of plant protein and healthy fats.

The base is made using macadamia nuts, which have a subtle, butter-like flavour and creamy texture. They’re rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and healthy monounsaturated fats, yet low in carbs and sugar. To this, we’ve added antioxidant-rich cacao powder, maple syrup, and a pinch of sea salt. Our Raw Protein Isolate Natural provides a hit of protein, Iron, Phosphorus and Zinc. This unflavoured blend is a convenient way to boost your protein intake and is perfect for adding to baked goods, raw desserts, smoothies, bowls and more without changing their flavour!

Simply combine all ingredients in a high-speed blending until combined and you get a nice smooth spread. Store in the fridge in an air-tight jar. If you give this recipe a go, remember to tag us (@amazoniaco) on Instagram – we love seeing your creations!