Which Raw Protein Is Right For You?

Take a walk down the protein and supplements aisle at your local health food store and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with options.

When it comes to choosing the right protein powder to suit you, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. After all, each of us has different goals: from losing weight or enhancing sports performance to building muscle mass or simply supporting overall wellness.

Not sure where to begin? Check out this simple guide to pick your perfect protein.

Amazonia’s entire Raw Protein range is free from gluten, added sugar, dairy, synthetic additives, pesticides, GMOs, and is heavy metals tested. Not to mention they’re creamy, delicious, and loaded with nutrients to help you #ShineBright. To help you select the Raw Protein that best suits your lifestyle, we’ve broken down the key features of each blend.

Best All-Rounder

Raw Protein Isolate

Raw Protein Isolate

Boasting a complete amino acid profile plus Zinc, Phosphorous and up to 99% RDI Iron, Raw Protein Isolate is a great all-rounder blend. An isolate protein powder ideal for taking both pre- and post-workout. It’s easily digested and delivers proper nutrition to fuel your workout and supports lean muscle growth and recovery.

Raw Protein Isolate contains 24g of sprouted and fermented golden pea and brown rice protein per serve. Enriched with highly bioavailable plant-based digestive enzymes, it won’t leave you feeling bloated like other whey protein blends.

Best for Weight Loss & Metabolism

Raw Protein Slim & Tone

Raw Protein Slim & Tone

Raw Protein Slim & Tone is a low-carb blend formulated to enhance metabolism, reduce cravings and support detoxification in the body. Ideal for those looking to lose weight, it contains thermogenic herbs, 74 trace minerals, essential amino acids, greens, Iron, Phosphorous, Zinc and more. Each serve delivers up to 22g of highly digestible sprouted and fermented protein blend to help keep you satiated and reduce snacking in between meals.

Best for Paleo & Low FODMAP Diet

Raw Protein Paleo Fermented Raw Protein Paleo Fermented

If you’re following a Low FODMAP or paleo diet, or have trouble digesting excess sugar, dairy, legumes and gluten, Raw Protein Paleo Fermented is for you. Sprouted and fermented plant protein and cultured superfoods support easy digestion. This certified organic grain-free blend boasts up to 50% RDI Iron plus Sacha Inchi, spirulina, spinach, quinoa, seeds and a comprehensive amino acid profile.

Best for Conception, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus

 Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus

No matter which stage you’re at – conception, pregnancy or nursing – this blend is specifically designed to support you and your baby every step of the way. Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus is loaded with 14 wholefood vitamins and minerals plus dietary fibre for easy digestion.

To support increased protein needs throughout pregnancy, there is 24g of organic, sprouted and fermented plant protein per serve. With 50% RDI Iron plus Folate, B Vitamins, and Zinc to support fertility and reproduction, this blend contains essential nutrients to nourish your body during this time.

Best for Hair, Skin, Nails & Muscles

Raw Protein Collagen Plus

Raw Protein Collagen Plus

If you’re looking to up your daily protein intake while also enhancing collagen production, a protein powder with added collagen is a great 2-in-1 option. In each serving of Raw Protein Collagen Plus is 24g of organic sprouted and fermented plant protein to support lean muscle growth and repair.

It contains 5000mg of highly bioavailable Type I & III Marine Collagen, Iron and Zinc to support healthy hair, skin and nails. And there’s also 25% RDI wholefood Vitamin C per serve, which is necessary for collagen synthesis. With plant-based enzymes for optimal digestion, this gluten and dairy-free blend is the ultimate beauty protein. 

Raw Protein Guide

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