5 Benefits of Marine Collagen

If you’re keeping up with beauty and skincare trends, you’ll know that Marine Collagen has become somewhat of a buzzword. But with all the information swirling around online – it can be difficult to separate science-backed facts from fiction.

We turned to our Head Dietitian, Tara Kaff, to find out exactly how our body can benefit from supplementing with Marine Collagen.

1. Anti-aging

Our body’s natural collagen production begins to decline from our mid-20s onwards. This leads to our skin gradually losing its elasticity as we age, resulting in an increase in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Regardless of age, everyone wants to maintain smooth, radiant, glowing skin for as long as possible. This is where a high quality, collagen supplement can help. Collagen supplementation assists with promoting smooth, glowing skin by increasing the body’s natural supply of collagen.

2. Easily absorbed

Marine Collagen is derived from fish and its unique structure means it has a lower molecular weight than Bovine Collagen. This high bioavailability means it’s easier for your body to absorb. Marine collagen is also primarily Type I and Type III Collagen, which makes up the majority of our skin.

Amazonia's Raw Collagen range is made using highly bioavailable Type I and III Marine Collagen. Our collagen is odourless, sustainably sourced and hydrolysed, which means it's broken down into smaller, easy-to-process particles. Raw Collagen is the ultimate range to support healthy hair, skin and nails.

Amazonia Raw Collagen

3. Promotes Bone Growth & Strength

Our bones are made mostly of collagen, which gives them structure and helps keep them strong. Studies have shown that marine collagen peptides help the absorption of calcium and other minerals that are essential for bone strength. They have the potential to help increase bone mass density and lower levels of proteins in the blood that stimulate bone breakdown.

4. Reduces Inflammation and helps relieve joint pain

With its gel-like, smooth structure that covers and holds our bones together, collagen allows us to glide and move without pain. Studies are showing that it helps your joints move more easily, reduces pain often associated with aging and even reduces the risk of joint deterioration.

5. Enhances Your Workout

Collagen is a concentrated source of the amino acid glycine, which helps your body produce creatine. In turn, creatine has been shown to help support muscle mass and exercise performance. It's also a good source of proline, which acts as an antioxidant and helps monitor cellular damage that might cause post-workout achiness.