Amazonia Raw partners with eCommerce giant The Iconic

Amazonia is thrilled to announce its partnership with eCommerce giant The Iconic to distribute its Raw range.

This partnership will see The Iconic distribute Raw's certified organic, plant-based protein powders, protein bars, and wholefood supplements through its wellness offering.

Amazonia worked with its key partner Unique Heath Products, one of Australia’s leading wholesale distributors who focus solely on health foods build this partnership that sees the company expand its digital footprint. 

Amazonia CEO Yohann Azlee is excited to see the company diversify its consumer channels as it seeks to engage with its customers in new and innovative ways. 

“We are proud to see the Amazonia brand available via one of the world’s leading eCommerce providers, The Iconic,” Mr Azlee said.

“Our Raw range of certified organic plant-based protein powders, bars, collagen and wholefood supplements is one of our leading product ranges. This partnership with The Iconic will allow us to reach an even larger community of people looking for sustainable, Australian-owned health food supplements to nourish their bodies.”  

In 2021, Raw won the ‘Best in Vegan Wellness,’ category in the Nourish Vegan Awards - highlighting its commitment to promoting health and wellness through its plant-based, wholefood protein powders, bars, and supplements.

Another element of The Iconic partnership that excites Yohann Azlee is the company's commitment to sustainability. 

“Amazonia is committed to sourcing and producing our products ethically and sustainably,” said Mr Azlee.

“We value partnerships with organisations like The Iconic, that are on the same sustainability journey as us. This is evident through their partnership with AirRobe to accelerate the circular fashion movement to reduce The Iconic’s environmental impact. Collaboration between like-minded organisations is critical to improving sustainability, and the goal of The Iconic to be the most ‘planet positive’ retailer in the ANZ region is one that aligns with our aims.” 

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