Amazonia Raw named Australia’s best vegan wellness brand

Today, leading Australian plant-based protein and supplements brand Amazonia Raw was announced as Australia’s Best Vegan Wellness brand in the Nourish Vegan Awards 2021. 

It is the second year in a row that Amazonia Raw has won ‘Best in Vegan Wellness,’ highlighting its commitment to promoting health and wellness through its plant-based, wholefood protein powders, bars, and supplements.

Australian plant-based living publication Nourish Magazine presented the award as part of World Vegan Day celebrations. Voted on by the Australian public, the annual awards showcase the outstanding quality, innovation, and abundance of choice that makes veganism an easy and joyful option for all.

For Amazonia CEO, Yohann Azlee, this award recognises the company’s commitment to creating plant-based products that inspire and empower consumers to live healthier and more sustainable lives.

“I can speak on behalf of the entire company when I say what an honour it is for Amazonia to celebrate World Vegan Day and the start of World Vegan Month with this award,” Mr Azlee said.

“I want to thank the team at Nourish Magazine, along with their expert judges and the Australian public, for recognising the shared commitment we have to plant-based living. World Vegan Month is a reminder that we are all responsible for the health of our planet. It showcases how veganism as a lifestyle improves our ethical and physical wellbeing while minimising our impact on the earth.”

Australia was the second-most popular nation in the world for vegans in 2020, behind only the UK, according to Chef’s Pencil’s annual index of the most popular countries and cities for veganism around the world. Researchers found that Australia has one of the largest vegan communities worldwide, and interest in veganism continues to be fuelled by environmental concerns.

Amazonia was nominated by the expert vegan team at Nourish and a panel of renowned industry experts that researched, deliberated, and determined this year’s nominees across 28 categories.

Founded in 2008, Amazonia is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of plant-based proteins, supplements, and health foods domestically and internationally, with customers across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.According to Yohann Azlee, this award is a fitting way to cap off what has been an incredible year for the organisation.

“Like all businesses across Australia, the COVID pandemic has impacted us; however, 2021 is ultimately finishing on a high note for us as a company,” said Mr Azlee.

“Domestically, we have signed a new product distribution agreement with Coles, while globally we are now officially the number one brand of Açaí in the United Arab Emirates and are also the leading provider of plant-based supplements to South Korea. We are also putting the finishing touches on our purpose-built Innovation Hub, which will serve as our global headquarters while also allowing us to continue our research into plant-sourced nutrients to create highly effective and natural nutritional solutions.”

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