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Shine Brighter with Us

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Amazonia Acai: Quality You Can See & Taste
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Amazonia Acai: Quality You Can See & Taste

Did you know that not all Acai is created equal?

Antioxidants are what commonly create a dark pigment in nature's foods and are extremely beneficial to health. Our deep purple colour is due to the quality of our açaí berries and how close our processing plant is to the harvest area.

Beware of brown açaí! This signals that the açaÍ has oxidised and is lower in quality and nutritional value. We add no colouring to achieve our all natural deep purple colour either.

We do not add any emulsifiers, refined sugars, colours or other additives to our açaí. When you use premium berries, there is no need for this.

The Amazonia promise is that we only use the highest grade, Australian Cerfitied Organic açaí berries that are wild-harvested in the lush Amazon rainforest, sustainably gathered, fairly traded through local co-ops, and free from added nasties. It only takes one look at our Açaí to see the Amazonia quality.


Amazonia Açaí is...

-Good for you. Good for Australia. Good for the planet.

-Australian Certified Organic Açaí berries

-Quality you can see & taste

-Real deep purple Açaí that is 100% natural from the highest quality berries (no brown oxidation)

-No additives, lecithins, colourings or cheap emulsifiers

-We support the locals of the Amazon through fair wages and sustainable standards

- Amazonia have been awarded by Brazilian Government for sustainable & community practices

- Proud winner of Telstra NSW Business of the Year 2015

- The Australian owned & operated Açaí company... Proud to supply Açaí and health products to Aussies!

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Shine Brighter with Us

Health Advice

Shine Brighter with Us

Health Advice


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