Sally Fitzgibbons - Official Ambassador

Sally Fitzgibbons - Official Ambassador

To me being a professional surfer is the greatest job in the world, the ocean is my office and nature is my business partner. Being a part of elite women’s surfing right now is such a privilege and I love pushing my limits to become the best surfer I can be. As a surfer I care deeply for the ocean environment and would hope that we can all do our bit to improve the state of our local beaches. Living a healthy and active life is important to me and I hope that I inspire people to join me in making healthy normal. The partners I work with have to make quality products and be like minded in their thinking which is why I am proud to be an Amazonia ambassador.



My name is Hannah, one half of the mother-daughter Insta duo, Healthy Luxe. I recently graduated with a degree in Media and Communications and have found my path in the social media world. My passions lie in health, travel, writing and photography so Healthy Luxe has allowed me to combine my interests in a way I never could have imagined. The website/blog is run alongside my nutritionist/naturopath mum, Jen. She writes monthly articles on topical health issues and together, we create delicious, healthy recipes.



I come from a beautiful place on the East Coast of New Zealand where I live with my partner Ricardo and two beautiful boys, Eli and Milo. We live near the ocean, enjoying the sun, surf and a bit of travel while consuming an abundance of plant-based food on the daily!



We are spirited, enthusiastic lovers of life! We believe that leading a healthy lifestyle, staying fit and remembering to let out your inner child from time to time is the recipe for a long and youthful experience here on earth. We are both passionate about freedom. Freedom to live the life that we desire, freedom to do what we want, when we want, how we want and so we are dedicated to creating this for ourselves and helping to guide and inspire others to do the same. Our ultimate goal is to live a location independent lifestyle, traveling the world and experiencing as much of mother nature’s wonders as possible. We envision building a community of like-minded



My name is Sophie and I run the health/lifestyle account @coconutandbliss. My page encapsulates my serious obsession with acai bowls, peanut butter, the beach and travel. My philosophy is focused around living a balanced, happy, active life which for me means fuelling my body with delicious nutrients as well as indulging here and there. I love photography, food styling and creating healthy alternatives that taste better than the naughty version!


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