We know when it comes to your health it's important to ensure that the products you are taking are safe for you and align with your dietary requirements and choices. We have put together a list of our most asked questions to help inform you. If you can't find the answer you're looking for please send us a quick message HERE or connect with us on Instagram or Facebook and our qualified team of experts will get back to you. 


1. What Amazonia products can I take if I am pregnant? 

We have a dedicated Raw Pregnancy Protein for those trying, expecting or feeding, our Raw Nutrients Vitamin C is now also pregnancy safe. We recommend that you avoid the below list of products if you're pregnant: 

- Raw Protein Slim & Tone (all flavours)
- Raw Nutrients Greens
- Raw Probiotics Biotic Ferment
- Raw Nutrients Women's Multi
- RawFIT range (all products)

2. Are your collagen products plant-based? 

No, unfortunately no collagen supplements can be derived from plants only. Therefore, our source is marine based, which we believe to be the most sustainable option. 

3. Are your products certified Halal? 


4. Are your products gluten free? 

All Amazonia products (excluding the Raw Workout and RawFIT Collagen Build) are gluten free.

5. Can I cook with protein powder? 

When protein is heated it denatures (the structure of the proteins begins to breakdown into amino acids), a process that occurs in the body after protein is ingested anyway. Heating our protein powders will not compromise the nutrtional quality of the product. In our experience we find plant-based proteins are more friendly to cook with. 

6. How much caffeine is in the Acai Energy and On-The-Go products? 

Our Acai Energy contains only 6.6mg of caffeine for every 100g, compared to an average cup of coffee this is approximately 5% **according to FSANZ 

7. Is your packaging recyclable? 

Unfortunately they aren't recyclable as there is a lining in the inside that is necessary for it to be food grade and to protect the nutritional components of the powders. The paper tubes however are made from 100% recycled material and are BPA free. Our canisters can also be re-used or up-cycled. We are working on more sustainable packaging solutions for the future. 

8. Where do you source your ingredients from? 

Our ingredients are sourced locally and from all over the world as we place importance on sourcing ingredients from countries in which they are native to. Our Raw Proteins contains organic pea and organic rice sourced from Northern China. This ingredient is commonly sourced from China as this is where the highest quality, nutrient rich version of this ingredient can be found. To ensure our customers receive nothing but the best we do not accept any ingredients that do not meet our high level of quality standards. All raw material ingredients are produced in a food safety approved facilities and undergo stringent testing on each batch. Additionally, our Australian suppliers visit these farms and manufacturing facilities annually to complete audits. Our Raw Proteins are also Australian Certified Organic. To gain this accreditation the Australian Certified Organic traces each and everyone of our ingredients back to the source to ensure that they have been grown, harvested and processed in ways that comply with the organic standards. This means our products are free from any synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers and are GMO free and heavy metal tested.