Sarah McLeod

New Product Development & Technical Officer, Amazonia

Sarah is a Food Technologist from New Zealand and loves working with food and creating new recipes. She studied a Bachelor of Science at Otago University, majoring in Food Science and has a minor in Microbiology.

She is a firm believer that food should be eaten in its natural form with no synthetics, additives or preservatives added. Here at Amazonia, she loves being able to create new products that will help optimise individuals’ health and wellbeing and support them to lead a happy, healthy life. 

Sarah McLeod

Get to know Sarah:

Three words that describe me are...happy, food-loving, Kiwi.

I start my day by…snoozing my alarm multiple times before going to the beach for a walk and to watch the sunrise, followed by a nice cup of tea or lemon water.

My go-to coffee order is…coconut flat white.

My favourite part of my job is…creating new products that not only taste good but help support us to live a happy healthy life. Working with the epic Amazonia team is a definite perk!

My favourite Amazonia product is...Raw Nutrients Vitamin C or Greens – so yum!

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be…chocolate - what else?!

My favourite way to exercise is…hiking and adventuring out in nature.

On the weekend, you’ll find me…if I'm not off exploring new places, I'll be at the markets, the beach or at a music gig.

The destination I most want to visit is...Europe, because of the culture, food, beaches and mountains – it has everything you want when travelling.

My proudest achievement is…climbing Mount Egmont in NZ on very little sleep. There was a storm was rolling in but the view was incredible.

My secret talent is…yet to be determined (singing is definitely not it!)

If I won the lottery, I would…buy holiday houses in my favourite places and give keys to all of my family and friends - better be a big prize for that one!