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Plant-based performance - from a vegan triathlete
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Plant-based performance - from a vegan triathlete

This week, we had a chat with our RAWFIT brand ambassador Travis Coleman. Following a vegan diet and lifestyle, based on the sunny Gold Coast. Travis really believes that following a plant based and active lifestyle is key to living to your full potential in all areas of life such as health and happiness. Extremely hard working and dedicated to everything he does, especially his sport he aims to inspire and show those around him that following a vegan diet not only doesn’t prevent you from being your best but actually assists performance in that it’s a more efficient way to consume all the nutrients needed.

Here’s what he had to say, enjoy!

How long have you been plant-based for and what caused you to make the change?

I went vegan on December 21st 2016 and my ‘last supper’ was left over spag bol that I felt sick eating because I now knew what I was putting in my body, where it came from and the impact I was causing. It was a longish process for me and not an overnight thing. I first stopped eating seafood in 2015 because of the documentary ‘The Cove’ where dolphins are slaughtered for fin soup and left to drown and the ones that are lucky enough not to be slaughtered ended up enslaved in places like SeaWorld. Seeing the cove turn red with blood and how the dolphins were treated along with my love and passion with the ocean made me stop and ask myself if I was okay with this, the thought came to as an option, I love the sea and pretty much live off it so would I want to eat a purely seafood diet and be a full on seaman or, do I want to do every single thing I can to protect every single thing in the ocean and the answer was pretty clear.

It wasn’t until I started to learn about how cows, pigs and chickens were treated that I thought of going vegan, because again why are they any different from the sea life that I love so much? Why not care for every being on this planet as equal to myself? I was shown some footage of how my ‘food’ came to my plate and was horrified and disgusted so I booked an appointment with my nutritionist Delina Rahmate, and told her I wanted to go vegan because I don’t feel right harming other beings. Then I learnt about all the nutritional benefits of living a plant based life and alter learnt about the devastating impacts the animal agricultural industry has on the planet and there’s no way I wouldn’t be vegan.

What advice would you give to people who want to start moving towards a more plant-based lifestyle?

Do some research first, speak to a nutritionist who is in support of it. If you are worried about getting everything you need get blood tests after a month and then every 3 months, this gives you the confidence that you’re doing fine and shuts up everyone else who will suddenly have a nutritional degree. Peanut butter is about to become your best friend!

If it seems daunting at first don’t let it scare you, it was scary to me at first but once I got in the habit of it and what to look for on the labels of food it became super easy, (there is now heaps of vegan alternatives and junk foods out there now so you wont be missing out on anything!)

Whats your go-to high protein all vegan recipe?

I make a protein bar that I have post training or as a solid snack, I soak 2 cups of dates, 2 cups of cashews and 1 cup of oats for a few hours (maybe 8, I just wing it), then drain them all and put them in the food processor, add 1/4 cacao powder, 1/2 cup of peanut butter and 4 scoops of Amazonia RawFit choc protein powder, lay it out in a cake tray over night and cut up into 16 pieces

What does a day on your plate look like?

Breakfast (1): overnight oats with dates banana & Amazonia RawFit choc protein powder

Between training sessions: my protein bar from above

Breakfast (2 when all training is done): overnight oats with dates, banana and Amazonia RawFit BCAAs

Lunch: a Garden of Vegan meal

Arvo snack: smoothie bowl (3 frozen bananas, peanut butter, dates, Amazonia RawFit choc protein, Amazonia men’s multi & greens and a splash of almond milk

Dinner: another Garden of Vegan meal

Dessert: small cup of coconut yogurt, raspberry jam, granola and fresh blueberries, raspberries and mango

What were the main differences you noticed going vegan?

At first I felt hungry and was hard to change the habits but after a month or so I started to see the recovery time improve dramatically! I was feeling so much fresher for the session the next morning which meant I could train harder making me go faster and it just escalated from there

How do you handle social situations or eating out?

It’s is really hard for me because I am so passionate about saving the animals and it isn’t just a diet for me. But the actual eating side of things is super easy, there’s so many vegan options at nearly all restaurants, even hungry jacks has a vegan option and there are so many vegan restaurants and meat alternatives you can bring to BBQs too.

Travis, thank you so much for your time! It was great to sit down with you and Always a pleasure. Where can people connect with you?

Not a problem! I’m always happy to talk about all things sport, lifestyle, thoughts/mind and of course all things vegan!

I’m most active on my Instagram @traviscolemanPT but you can also get in contact with me via email @ and find out more info about me on my website

Shine Brighter with Us

Health Advice

Shine Brighter with Us

Health Advice


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