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​Meet our ambassador: Amanda
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​Meet our ambassador: Amanda

This week, we sat down with our brand ambassador Amanda Ducks. Amanda, more commonly known as ‘Ducko’ has been working with us for awhile now, and we are so proud to have her apart of our our team.

A vegan food and lifestyle blogger, with a passion for creating delicious, plant based recipes based on the sunny Gold Coast. Ducko really believes that following a plant based lifestyle is the key to balanced approach to healthy living and describes her message as "a positive plant-based life".

Extremely hard working and passionate about everything she does, she aims to inspire those around her and follow her through her beautiful videos, recipes and content. One look at her Instagram and youtube channel, and you’ll be inspired to cook up a storm in no time.

Here’s what she had to say, enjoy!

How long have you been plant-based for and what caused you to make the change?

I have been plant-based for 4 and a half years, but vegetarian for 20 years. For me, my change was initially ethical, as I didn't (and still don't) believe in eating animals and their byproducts. However, since going fully plant-based I have noticed a significant positive change in my mental and physical well-being.

What inspired you to start creating beautiful video and photo content?

I have always been a creative woman, and actually produced a lot of video content in my early twenties. When that ended, I was seeking a creative outlet, had recently gone vegan, and thought - why not?! It is amazing to be able to connect with people through video and photo content, which is what keeps me doing it.

What advice would you give to people who want to start moving towards a more plant-based lifestyle?

"It's all about intention, not perfection."

There are so many people online with an abundance of recipes - do your best to stay inspired, listen to your body & try new things!

What are your ingredient must-haves that you keep your pantry stocked with?

Oooh! You know I love a good acai bowl. So: Amazonia Acai Pure, chocolate granola, bananas & almond butter - always a must!

As well as that - tempeh, kale, sweet potatoes and avocados.

What are your favourite cafes you like to eat at?

Nude Sisters Wholefood Kitchen

Blend Love

Niche & Co

If you could eat one thing, for the rest of your life what would it be?

At the moment: a chocolate raspberry smoothie bowl. A blend of frozen bananas, frozen raspberries, Amazonia Raw cacao and coconut protein, coconut yoghurt and soy milk. Topped with chocolate granola, almond butter & fresh fruit - yum!

What does your ideal day look like?

Waking up early, but without an alarm. Watching the sun rise. Eating a nourishing breakfast. Taking a workout class. Going for a swim in the ocean. Having a picnic catch-up with friends. Watching the sun set. Being in bed by 8pm. Bliss!

Who are your biggest plant based food, recipes, lifestyle inspirations at the moment?

Eat With Andy (@eatwithandy)

Liz Miu (@itslizmiu)

Mina Rome (@mina_rome)

Cami Petyn (@cami.petyn)

Ducko, thank you so much for your time! Always a pleasure. Where can people connect with you?

Thank YOU! You can find me on Instagram @amandaducks or on YouTube: Amanda Ducks! Come and say hello :)

Shine Brighter with Us

Health Advice

Shine Brighter with Us

Health Advice


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