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​5 things that no one tells you about pregnancy
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​5 things that no one tells you about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful, life-changing event. It’s a time of rapid growth and development for both mother and baby and there are so many changes your body goes through. The changes are miraculous, can be uncomfortable and at times even shocking! It is a special time, it can also be a pretty brutal time.

We sat down with our mamas to be in the office and asked them, the things no one told them about pregnancy, and did they have a list for us! Get ready ladies, here are 5 things no one tells you about pregnancy that you might want to know!

Trying to conceive and the 1st trimester can be lonely!

How many times have you seen a brilliantly happy post of a couple celebrating the news that they are expecting? How many times have you thought of the possible unshared struggles and experiences behind that announcement? In our society, it isn’t common for women to talk about trying to conceive while actually trying to conceive. Just like it is not common to share baby news before the 12-week milestone. Of course, this is an individual decision.

However, unfortunately, it can mean that this period can be quite isolating and lonely and as much as we love them sometimes our male partners don’t always completely understand the wealth of emotions and anxieties. It can be hugely beneficial to find a close female friend or family member who you can share this experience with. Talking to someone and having female support can make this time seems less lonely and even more relaxing!

No two pregnancies are the same

Before you get pregnant you might think that pregnancy is one single experience that is exactly replicated across every woman. Guess what? It’s not. Although, it’s great to have fun swapping experiences and stories about our pregnancy with friends, just be careful not to compare their experience too much with your own. Everyone experiences pregnancy differently, so what is one person's reality may not be yours! Realising this will hopefully remove some pressure and anxiety!

Pregnancy fatigue is not a joke

You might be slightly shocked to find yourself crawling under your desk or into your car on your lunch break for a nap. This energy-sapping fatigue in the first trimester can be a real surprise for first-time moms, but if you think about what your body is creating then no wonder you’re struggling to keep your eyes open!

Babies don’t need all the toys and equipment

Feeling daunted by the bombardment of ‘things’ that you need to research and purchase before little bub arrives? Don’t be! News flash, it turns out that your baby doesn’t need nappy wipe warmer, baby food blender or many other gadgets that are marketed toward first time mums. Seeking advice from friends with children and mothers groups can help you gather a list of exactly what you do need and might even save you a lot of shopping and money!

It can be really hard to eat healthy while pregnant

We hear a lot about how important nutrition is before and during pregnancy, and of course, it is! Essential vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates will help you and your baby to grow and flourish. However, what no-one tells you is how hard it can be to stick to a healthy balanced diet, especially in the first trimester when looking at a vegetable might make you gag. Our advice? Where you can choose healthier options, but don’t feel guilty if morning sickness means you can’t stomach a perfectly, instagram worthy nutritious diet.

To help with nutrition during this time we have created and launched our Certified Organic Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus. Our newest addition to our Raw Protein range comes in two delicious flavours - rich chocolate and smooth vanilla. It’s smooth, silky texture makes it easy to mix simply with water! Or if you wish, liquid of your choice, smoothies, bowls and even protein balls! Safe to use right through conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding - the perfect, nourishing treat. It contains 24g of plant based protein and 14+ wholefood vitamin & minerals, including Folate, B Vitamins, Zinc and Iron.

When choosing Raw you know you are getting nature’s best nutrients the way nature intended to support you and baby during this precious time and together we can Shine Brighter for many generations to come - because you’re worth it.

Shop our newest baby, Amazonia Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus online now.

One more thing…

And the one thing that everyone does tell you about pregnancy?

It’s totally and completely worth it!

Shine Brighter with Us

Health Advice

Shine Brighter with Us

Health Advice


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