ACO Certified

All Energy

Raw Prebiotic Greens

Alkalise, Nourish, Detox


Raw Prebiotic Women's Multi

Raw Women's Health


Raw Prebiotic Men's Multi

Raw Men's Health


Raw Workout

Energy, Performance, Recovery


Raw Green Compress

Energise, Alkalise, Cleanse


Açaí Energy (Frozen)

Acai Energy Gaurana Blend


Pitaya (Frozen)

Organic Deep Pink Dragon Fruit


Coconut (Frozen)

Young and Creamy


Raw Açaí Freeze Dried

Everyday Wellbeing and Vitality


Acai On The Go (Frozen) (coming Soon)

Acai Guarana Blend


ACO Certified Organic Cert. No. 10927

Trust Certified Organic

Amazonia abide by independently Certified Australian Organic Standards. These are the highest standards worldwide for produce authentication from source to product.

Our Energy Products Are...

  • Organic Energy
  • Vegan & Alkaline
  • No Gluten, Dairy, GMO's
  • Concentrated Real Nutrients
  • No Synthetic Vitamins