ACO Certified

All Digestion

Raw Prebiotic Greens

Alkalise, Nourish, Detox


Raw Pre-probiotic

Complete Digestive Care


Raw Sugar Crave Release

Reduce Cravings


Raw Açaí Skin Active

Natural Beauty


Raw Paleo Fermented Protein

Ripped Results.


Raw Turmeric 1800



Raw Green Compress

Energise, Alkalise, Cleanse


Raw Consti Soothe

Daily Digestive Support


ACO Certified Organic Cert. No. 10927

Trust Certified Organic

Amazonia abide by independently Certified Australian Organic Standards. These are the highest standards worldwide for produce authentication from source to product.

Our Digestion Products Are...

  • Prebiotics & Probiotics
  • Vegan & Alkaline
  • No Gluten, Dairy, GMO's
  • Naturally Supports Good Bacteria
  • Activated & Fermented